Fort Collins Energy Healing

Fort Collins Energy Healing is a simple, powerful and effective system of gentle or no-touch healing. It is based on the principle that your body is a self-repairing living entity which has the ability to heal itself. Your body’s healing processes are accelerated by increasing this life force that is readily available and around us. Energy Healing is sometimes called Energy Medicine, Intuitive Healing, Energy Work, Energy Therapy or Vibrational Healing.

Fort Collins Energy Healing can be used to address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances or complaints. This means it also affects your emotions and ability to handle stress.

Energy Healing does not replace standard medical care but works well with allopathic care. It never interferes with medications you may be taking. Often, clients notice energetic approach to healing supports changes where other approaches alone have not, especially when pertaining to the emotional contributors to disease or pain.

Fort Collins Energy Healing requires no drugs, gadgets and often not even physical contact with the client! You, the client, does not have to undress for this work to be performed by a trained therapist. The client does, however, have to fill out an Energy Healing intake and consent form to receive this work.

Physical contact is also not required because the practitioner is working on the energy body or biofield, meridians, chakras, and other energetic structures that inform the structure and function or your physical form.  The work can be received by you in our office or remotely! This energy body, also known as your aura, is your mold or blueprint that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. It is your energy body that absorbs life energy and distributes it throughout the physical body, to the muscles, organs, glands, and so on.

Studies and research have shown that physical ailments first appear as energetic disruptions in the aura or biofield before manifesting as problems in the physical body.

A 60 minute Energy Work session works at a deeper level to identify the source rather than just address a symptom.

Probably the most common, scientifically documented and immediate benefit of Energy Healing is that it puts most individuals into a very deep state of relaxation. This has powerful benefits for your health including pain reduction and potential faster healing from illness or injury, better sleep, better ability to manage stress and stressful situations. Often this state of relaxation may last for many days following your energy healing session.

Energy Healing Techniques are Non-Invasive and Gentle

Benefits of Fort Collins Energy Healing:

  • Enhances the body’s natural healing ability
  • Reduces recovery time from surgery and accidents
  • Assists in releasing emotional traumas
  • Reduces stress, calms, and relaxes the body and mind
  • Reduces pain and discomfort
  • Supports the effectiveness of standard medical treatments
  • Releases blocks to ascension
  • Removes / clears blocks to manifesting or realizing your desires

What Are Others Saying About Energy Work?

-"Life Energy or Prana is all around us. It is pervasive; we are actually in an ocean of Life Energy. Based on this principle, a healer can draw Life Energy from the surroundings."- Master Choa Kok Sui

-“Energy healing is going to become Mainstream because it works. It's that simple.” – Dr. Norm Shealy, M.D.

-“It’s all ENERGY!”- Oprah

-“Energy Medicine is a legitimate and effective healing modality and the Next Big Frontier in Medicine is Energy Medicine.”- Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Types of Energy Healing offered by your LymphWorks Energy Healer CJ:

Can you benefit from Energy Healing? A few causes of dysfunction in one's energy field:

  • Negative Emotions, Beliefs, Thoughts, or Behavioral patterns
  • Subconscious beliefs, lies, vows, oaths, commitments
  • Subconscious mind hiding things to "protect you"
  • Stress
  • Poor diet, food allergies, food sensitivities
  • Lack of Movement
  • EMF from Cell Phones, Microwaves etc
  • Toxins
  • Pathogens such as virus, fungus, mold, bacteria, parasites
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Trauma, Injury, or Surgery
  • Illness
  • Ignoring one's true nature or wisdom
  • Loss of faith during difficult times
  • Taking on others burdens and energies
  • Other Unseen Influences

What may be addressed in your Fort Collins Energy Healing session? Energetic structures or imbalances your LymphWorks therapist may address in a session may include but is not limited to:

  • Chakras
  • Meridians
  • Biofield or Aura
  • Past Life Traumas
  • Hara and core star structures
  • Tree of Life structures
  • Tantien structures
  • Energetic cords
  • Energetic and physical toxins
  • Trapped Emotions and Pyschic Traumas
  • Physical, Mental, or Emotional Traumas
  • Disease and toxicities
  • Bones, nerves, muscles, connective tissue, organs, glands, and other physiological systems
  • Kundalini Energy Channels
  • Soul or Spiritual contracts with others (karma)
  • Rips, tears, or damaged energetic structures
  • Misunderstandings of spiritual law
  • Fears, Belief systems, Family or Ancestral Patterning
  • Hexes, Vows, and Curses
  • DNA predispositions
  • Ascension Blocks

Preparing for a Healing Session

  • Complete your intake and consent form electronically.
  • Your Fort Collins energy healing provider will discuss your goals and desires for the session.
  • Set the intention "I am willing to uncover my blocks and am willing to heal" so that any beliefs, blocks, or energies that may inhibit your healing will arise during your session to be addressed.
  • You may lie on the massage table or remain seated, whatever is most comfortable for you.  Bolsters and an eye pillow may be used to make you comfortable.
  • Gentle music may be played during your session as you relax.
  • The therapist may engage with you at times to bring your awareness to an area so that energy may be cleared.  She may touch organ/glands/acupuncture points.  The therapist may take notes during the session so that a custom self care recommendations will be shared with you afterward.
  • Some people don't feel a thing when they receive this type of healing work. Others experience sensations such as tingling, warmth, coolness, heaviness turning to lightness. Some see colors or images in their mind's eye. 
  • Your Healer may ask you to acknowledge an energy (a subconscious belief, emotion, etc) that may be arising and offer words to say in your mind to release it.  Bringing something to consciousness is the easiest way to "shift" it.  You healer may ask you to tap specific points on the body to forgive someone, to uncover subconscious blocks, or to release a phobia or fear based pattern from your nervous system.
  • Sometimes emotions rise and fall during the session as old energies are moved or cleared out. Yet, there are always some people fall asleep immediately when the session begins.
  • Feel free to enjoy any information you receive in your brain during the session, but try not to analyze it or ask, "What does this mean?"

Self Care After Your Fort Collins Energy Healing Session

  • After your energy healing session, you may feel light but tired.
  • Stay grounded in your chosen centering activity (walking in the grass, gardening, meditating, yoga, sleep, etc.)
  • Drink a lot of water (or coconut water).
  • Avoid toxic or negative thoughts, people, foods/drinks, and situations.
  • Avoid over stimulating environments such as large crowds or loud music.
  • If structural work was conducted, you may crave proteins and fats after a session; be sure to eat plenty of healthy varieties of both.
  • For best results, do NOT schedule other bodywork (massage, acupuncture, chiropractic) during your integration period of 4 days.
  • Follow the custom and personal self care recommendations of your therapist.  This is important to support the new healthier pattern you are trying to embody.
  • Set the intention for your process to be filled with grace and ease. 
  • Do not hold onto or try to analyze old emotions, thoughts, or memories that arise. Forgive and let go!

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