Fort Collins Healing Touch Energy Therapy

Fort Collins Healing Touch (HT) Therapy is one of the Energy Healing techniques offered by LymphWorks' Healer, Carol J. McDaniel who is a Certified Practitioner (HTCP).

Whether you desire to address a chronic physical complaint or would like insight and clearing with repeating patterns in your life, we can help.  CJ specializes in helping those who haven't received desired results and/or clear diagnosis from conventional medicine or other holistic methods.  Medical intuition is one of her gifts.  She loves to help clients manifest desired results in relationship, body and finances that they haven't been able to achieve due to unseen influences or energy blocks.

Fort Collins Healing Touch is a gentle energy balancing modality which is performed on a fully clothed client.  Unlike traditional or conventional allopathic therapies, it addresses the entire person.  Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalances or complaints can be addressed.  It can often identify the source of disease or dysfunction rather than just address a symptom. Putting your body back into it's rightful and natural healing state is the goal of this therapeutic modality. Anxiety reduction, unpacking emotional baggage, accelerating wound healing, improving sleep, balancing hormones, reducing stress, and improving digestion or detoxification are only a few things that can be assisted using this subtle energy therapy. 

Additionally, your LymphWorks Healer is skilled with identifying and sharing intuitive information and useful self healing techniques unique to each client and session. For more details on what this method can do for you, please visit our Energy Healing Page.

HT may even be performed from a distance if you are unable to physically be present in our office in Ft. Collins, Colorado.  Emotional healing, Chakra Healing, Aura Healing, and other techniques may all be utilized during your session.

Although HT is a well rounded alternative energy healing therapy, clients often benefit most from practitioners who are extensively trained in many techniques.  Reiki Healing, The Emotion Code, The McKay Method, Shamanic Techniques, and other modalities may be incorporated by your therapist.  Please communicate your interests to your therapist in the energy balancing and healing techniques you are most attracted to.

How Does Fort Collins Healing Touch Work?

HT is said to be a biofield (magnetic field around the body) therapy that influences the energy field and structures that surrounds and permeate the human body.  The Fort Collins Healing Touch techniques used may clear, balance, repair, and energized this field.  Restoring balance to these energy structures and pathways in the human body places the client in a better position to self heal.

What Makes Healing Touch Different that other Techniques or Trainings?

LymphWorks HT may be performed with hands-on the client resting on a table.

LymphWorks HT may also be performed without hands-on touch or from a distance.

1) It is the first and only Energy Healing Program recognized with a NCCA Accreditation.

2) It was developed by a nurse, Janet Mentgen, and is endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA).

3) HT is recognized worldwide as a complementary alternative medicine, being used to supplement all other forms of health care.

4) The HT Program has a dedication to energy medicine research. Cancer, Cardio-vascular disease, death and dying, endocrine and immune function, pain, post operative recovery, and stress are just a few of the conditions documented in this research.

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