Fort Collins Massage Testimonials

The following Fort Collins massage testimonials are from clients after receiving massage services from Lymphworks therapist Carol J. McDaniel, nicknamed CJ:

- D.R.M., age 35, Loveland, CO
"I highly recommend CJ. I've been getting massages for neck and back pain for more than 10 years, and CJ's work has been by far the most effective. Her insightful approach has helped me identify the roots of my pain and discomfort that others have missed, and her knowledge about how to address discomfort through a variety of approaches is unbeatable."

– B.H, age 54, Fort Collins, CO
"Carol McDaniel (CJ) is by far the very best Massage Therapist that I have ever used. In the last 7 years I have had a shoulder injury that has taken me from therapist to therapist across the state of Colorado. The very first time that Carol worked on me I knew that she knew what she was doing. Carol is not a froo-froo therapist, she gets down to the nitty-gritty and she knows where that nitty-gritty is before she starts. It is truly amazing. She has used some amazing techniques and I always know that it is just what I need."

- Maddie, age 30, Fort Collins, CO
"I first went to see Carol (CJ) through a referral. I have had neck pain for 10 years and have tried many things for it. I was tired of the doctors telling me to take this pain medication or that. Carol has been amazing. I went 3 times and the pain has not returned. I have been seeing Carol for the past year and would HIGHLY recommend her for everyone. Thank you, Carol."

– M.B., age 55, North Carolina
"It is my pleasure to write a short Fort Collins massage testimonial as to Carol's wonderful, healing talent of massage. I can in all honesty say that I received one of the best massages I've ever had in my life. I could say the best, but then my sister's partner may get hurt! She is in NC though so I guess I can honestly say that Carol is absolutely the BEST massage therapist in Fort Collins. I've been getting massage therapy for over 25 years and have had countless therapists work on me. Due to some injuries, I am not an easy person to work on as my muscles are like rocks but Carol brought relaxation and relief. An important aspect in obtaining a great massage is having the synergy with your therapist and Carol is sensitive to the needs of her clients. I would be a weekly client if only I could afford it! Soon and very soon!"

- D.B., age 40, Fort Collins, CO
"Carol is an excellent and versatile massage therapist. I have gone to her for treatment for acute injuries as well as for general relaxation. She gets my very highest recommendation. She is professional, insightful, intuitive and incredibly well trained and knowledgeable."

- Lisa, age 28, Fort Collins, CO
"As an avid yoga practitioner, high school teacher, long distance runner, mountain biker and rock climber I am constantly putting mind and body to use. As a result I am constantly seeking body work! I have had thirty or so different massage therapists in the past 15 years. In all of my experiences, Carol McDaniel has been the most knowledgeable therapist in terms of understanding the mechanics of the mind and body. She knows how to gently (or not-so gently, depending on your needs) find and relieve physical pain, realize stress to calm the mind and is always willing to share advice and information on how to continue to take care of your body. After months of extreme pain with my sciatic nerve she was able to accurately pin-point where the pain was coming from and helped me release some of the tightness causing the pain. Thereafter she provided me with follow-up stretches to help me further release the tightness in my muscles and open my hips. After the massage session I felt extremely light and pain-free. I continued doing the stretches she advised me to practice; after a month I had no more sciatic pain! I have recommended Carol McDaniel to my yoga students, my friends and family. She has always received high praise from everyone I know."

The following massage stories and Fort Collins massage testimonials are after receiving Lymph Drainage Therapy services from massage therapist Carol (CJ):

Fort Collins Lymph Drainage and Lymph Massage Testimonials

- Kim, age 34, Longmont, CO
"My sessions of Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT) have helped me fit back into my shoes again. My feet and ankles were so swollen from excessive fluid that I was only able to fit into one pair of large athletic shoes. After the first LDT treatment, I was able to fit into many of my shoes- still snug but fit. After the second treatment, my shoes were actually loose! In fact, I think my feet and ankles are smaller and thinner than before my pregnancy. I also was not able to wear many of my socks before LDT as they were cutting off the circulation. I am now able to wear all of my socks again without trouble. Due to the fact that I had so much fluid on my ankles & feet (after labor); I have lost 10 lbs. since starting LDT treatments."

- D.R.G, age 49, Fort Collins, CO
"My family doctor recommended Carol to me after I had reconstructive surgery due to breast cancer. The pain was indescribable and I didn't want to add another pill to my already large in-home pharmacy, so I took my doctor up on her recommendation and visited Carol. I'm glad I did. She has been a God-send. She is caring, personable, very knowledgeable, and has a wonderful sense of humor. Carol has worked intensely with my lymphatic system, has done CranioSacral work, and some deep tissue massage. I have noticed a definite change in my pain level since becoming her client just a few short months ago. I highly recommend Carol to anyone who is looking for a professional massage therapist."

- Pam, Sterling, CO
"CJ helped me survive stage III breast cancer. During chemo and radiation therapy, she performed lymphatic massage to relieve swelling and pain at the surgical site. She relieved numbness I developed in my lower extremities from chemo through massage and nerve mobilization. She improved my chemo brain through CranioSacral work. For me, what sets CJ apart from other caregivers I have had is her very professional approach, her caring attitude and her ability to fix what needs to be fixed. I have often told her, I feel she has a gift and I would recommend her to anyone."

– G.H., age 55, Fort Collins, CO
"I became familiar with Carol J. McDaniel when she came to discuss lymph drainage therapy to our local breast cancer support group. Even though I was unable to stay for her entire discussion, it was apparent she was quite knowledgeable in that therapy. Sometime later, I saw her for a massage and I was very pleased and impressed. Over the years, I have been getting fairly regular sports and deep tissue massages by various massage therapists. CJ is by far the most well informed and versatile in different therapies. Before I began seeing CJ, I had never heard of craniosacral or nerve mobilization therapies, each of which have been beneficial for me. Let me not forget to mention that her massages are some of the best I have ever had. She is thorough, patient, and can provide very deep work if desired or needed. CJ also has an intuitive sense of what needs work on a client within moments of stepping into her room. The environment is clean, relaxing and professional. Scheduling on-line is very convenient. I would, and have, recommended CJ to my husband and friends. Everyone who has seen her has been very pleased, and they continue or will continue to use her as their massage and multi-disciplined therapist."

The following Fort Collins massage testimonials are after receiving Advanced Energy Healing or Healing Touch Advanced Energy services from Fort Collins massage therapist Carol:

Energy Healing Testimonials

- B.S., Fort Collins, CO "CJ is absolutely incredible. She made me a believer in healing touch. She is extremely knowledgeable regarding myofascial massage, lymph drainage, and healing touch. She was able to help me adjust structural imbalance and correct chronic pain in one leg... 3 years symptom free without ever resorting to a prescription speaks volumes of her skill."

– E.R., age 27, Fort Collins, CO "Carol's use of Healing Touch techniques to decrease inflammation and pain and speed the healing of my tattoos has been remarkable. With a single treatment following my tattoo appointments she was able to cut my usual healing time in half. Her technique also immediately reduced the 'heat' coming from the affected area and eliminated the itching phase commonly associated with highly pigmented areas. I also found that I was able to return to my high level of physical activity almost immediately without the usual discomfort. I strongly recommend a Healing Touch session with Carol for anyone getting a tattoo. You will be amazed at her ability to facilitate you body's ability to heal rapidly and completely."

- Paula W, Fort Collins, CO “Every time I have had a session with Carol J. McDaniel, I’ve walked away amazed.  While my initial visit with her was for Lymph Drainage Therapy that was only the beginning.  She offers a relaxing massage which cannot be beat. 

However, her true gift lies in the Energy Healing services she provides. I have been lucky enough to see her technique with Energy Healing grow and shift.  Well, not just see it, I’ve had the good fortune of experiencing the effects of it too.  It is phenomenal!!  As the client, I am not completely aware of exactly what is happening however the feelings that come out during the sessions are proof enough that it is nothing but good.

I am continuously taken aback by Carol’s intuitive nature and by the things she sees that I either hadn’t considered for quite some time or that I hadn’t shared with another living being on this planet.  Yet, she senses it/sees it and asks me about it.  The automatic emotion that flows after such a revelation is indescribable. Carol is a great teacher too. 

She is generous with sharing her knowledge by encouraging her clients to do some simple support techniques between visits, such as skin brushing basics for our lymphatic system.  She also taught me some of the more basic techniques she has learned with energy healing, i.e. “The Emotion Code”, and how to assist my continual healing with reprogramming statements that are specific to me. The path to healing our emotional and energetic self can take some time and a strong desire to dump the baggage however it is more than worth it.  I feel just that much lighter each time I leave Carol’s office and I find that I am giddy with anticipation as my next appointment draws closer.  Thank You Carol!”

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