LymphWorks Client Surveys and Feedback

Client surveys and feedback for our Lymphworks Therapists, allow us to do that via your opinions and honest feedback. At Lymphworks, we take pride in giving you the best service and care possible.

Please take the time to fill in the massage or lymph feedback client feedback form here if you have received Lymph Drainage Therapy and/or massage services from us.


Please take the time to fill out the energy healing client feedback form here if you have received Healing Touch, The Emotion Code, or another type of energy work from us.

We are committed to helping you live the highest quality of life possible, free from restrictions of pain or other symptoms that may be limiting. It pleases us that bodywork is already a preventative and maintenance tool in your life.

We realize that Lymph Drainage Therapy, massage, and energy healing techniques are considered relatively new forms of health care in our American culture (they are more commonly used in other countries). Not everyone is aware of all its benefits and the myriad of symptoms and conditions that may be helped with this work.

So, please tell your friends about your experience with us.

And, if new ailments, injuries or stressors arise in your life, let your therapists at Fort Collins LymphWorks know so that we may help!

Welcome to our practice. We look forward to a healthful relationship with you.

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