Remote Healing (Distance Energy Healing) Sessions

  Remote healing, otherwise called distance healing, sessions are available to clients located anywhere in the world even though your advanced energy healing provider resides in Fort Collins, Colorado. This works because of the connection between the universal energy source and all living beings on the planet. Given your permission, your therapist CJ can sense your body and all that is going on with it wherever it is. She can then direct energy, focus and intent to your location instead of hers. 

When receiving a remote healing or distance healing session, you are encouraged to still lie down or sit down at a pre-arranged time, just like an in-person session, yet some clients will still choose to do errands, such as washing their dishes, during this time! Your Healer will go to her healing office at this same time and work on your energy body (which she can sense).  If you choose to, you will have a connection via phone or Zoom Meeting during the entire session so that you and your therapist can share information as if you were in the same room.  If you choose the video option, the therapist and client will do a short video conference to align intention and then the video is turned off for the remainder of the session.

Distance healing is especially helpful for wound healing if clients are temporarily unable to drive or are under quarantine or shelter in place during a pandemic, such as COVID-19. It can be used by anyone who would like to try energy healing with LymphWorks, LLC but cannot get to an in-person appointment.  Many healing techniques such as Healing Touch, Reiki Healing, or others may be utilized during your session.

You can specify what the session will focus on whether it's lymph drainage or some other physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual issues, relationships, money and so on....  Yes, the therapist can work directly on lungs, gut, blood, immune system and other direct physical issues!

The question we are often asked is "If a remote healing session is as good as an in-person energy healing session?".  The answer is, it depends on the level of consciousness of your healer.  The greater the healer's level of consciousness, the more powerful a distance healing session can be.  Our clients have indicated it is the same or better than being in the office.  It may be better because the client doesn't have the stress of leaving their home.

Clients will have a preference receiving healing in person or from a distance.  We recommend you try a session this way and determine if it is right for you. Schedule here.

Receive Energy Healing remotely while relaxing at home or far away

Arranging a Remote Healing Session

It is always possible to change your mind and receive this same session in the office. Fill out the online intake if you are a new client (link in your email appointment confirmation)Please note, your therapist can acquire a great deal of intuitive information during the session and would like to know how open you are to receiving the information. The intake form is a great place to mention your desires for guidance, direction, what questions you may wish to have answered about your life/health.

Your zoom meeting invitation will be emailed to you.  

Payment for your remote healing session can be paid via credit card via Schedulicity or via PayPal invoice send directly to your email address. Let your therapist know your preferred method.

Preparing for Remote Healing

  • Complete and your online intake form and save it.
  • Check your Zoom meeting link and download the application if you need to. 
  • Prepare a quiet space, where you can be still and uninterrupted. Act as if you were in for an office energy healing visit. Turn off ringers on your phone and computers. Have your headset ready to go if you are calling into Zoom or your laptop or computer ready if you are linking to the zoom app!  Have a glass of water and Kleenex at hand.
  • Your energy healing provider will zoom conference video or audio connect with you to discuss your goals and desires for the session. If you have chosen to stay on the phone, be sure you have your headset on or volume elevated so you can place your phone away from you.  Be sure you can see the video of your therapist as they may walk you holding specific energy points on the body. You may lie down.
  • You may wish to play relaxing music, dim the lights, or close the curtains. If it is comfortable, place pillows under your head and/or your knees. Immobility is not necessary; please turn or adjust positions as you recline if the need arises. Breathe deeply and close your eyes. Enjoy this quiet time you have carved out in your day.
  • Some people don't feel a thing when they receive this type of distance healing work. Others experience sensations such as tingling, warmth, coolness, heaviness turning to lightness. Some see colors or images in their mind's eye. Sometimes emotions rise and fall during the session as old energies are moved or cleared out. Some people fall asleep immediately when the session begins. Feel free to enjoy any information you receive in your brain during the session, but try not to analyze it or ask, "What does this mean?" .  Your audio session will be recorded so that you can re-listen to it for deeper healing at a later time, if you choose.

Self Care After Remote Healing

  • After your distance healing session, you may feel light but tired.
  • Stay grounded in your chosen centering activity (walking in the grass, gardening, meditating, yoga, sleep, etc.)
  • Drink a lot of water (or coconut water).
  • Avoid toxic or negative thoughts, people, foods/drinks, and situations.
  • Avoid over stimulating environments such as large crowds or loud music.
  • If structural work was conducted, you may crave proteins and fats after a session; be sure to eat plenty of healthy varieties of both.
  • For best results, do NOT schedule other bodywork (massage, acupuncture, chiropractic) during your integration period of 2 to 4 days.  After your first session you will have a good sense of how long you take to integrate this type of healing work.
  • Follow the custom and personal self care recommendations of your therapist.
  • Set the intention for your process to be filled with ease. 
  • Do not hold onto or try to analyze old emotions, thoughts, or memories that arise. Forgive and let go! 

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