Law of Attraction Manifesting

Law of Attraction manifesting, Energy Healing, and Healing Touch are just a few of the techniques that may be used by your healer CJ McDaniel to help her clients manifest better health, happier careers, more fulfilling relationships, more abundance, or simply experiencing more joy in ones life.  No matter what your goals, energy healing can be used to assist you in fulfilling them. Healing Touch and other techniques are not only used to clear away blocks and help clients lighten the mental, emotional, and spiritual burdens they carry, but CJ takes that process one step further using Law of Attraction as a tool.

At first, CJ's energy healing sessions look like most others:

  • The client lies on a massage table, fully clothed. A light blanket may cover them.
  • CJ might apply light touch on the feet or head, or no touch at all with her hands just above the body.
  • Quiet music plays in the background.
  • The sensations of energy healing may include warmth, safety, deep relaxation and connection to higher source. 

But CJ is not just opening chakras and clearing blockages of stuck energy. Every session, CJ is dialoging with the clients Soul, or Higher Self, or Highest Consciousness.  Identifying limiting beliefs, fears, emotions, and patterns held in the subconscious or conscious.  Sometimes these patterns are the client's own and other times they were inherited or learned patterns from a family system.  Along with the limitations which often cause lack, pain, and struggle, CJ will often identify and communicate the Higher Truth (or non-limiting belief) to the client so that the client can become conscious of an alternative way of thought.  Simply being aware of a new, stronger and healthier possibility shifts the old belief and may often clear it!  If the client chooses, they are active in the process in "forgiving and releasing" any limiting beliefs, misunderstandings, mis-alignments and all associated emotions linked with those thoughts.  Best of all, CJ willingly offers tips and techniques to her clients who receive Law of Attraction Manifesting work so that they may continue the healing work at home and raise their own consciousness levels at the same time. 

Clients report "life changing" experiences with Law of Attraction Manifesting work.  Sometimes, they are unable to put a finger on exactly what has changed but they see and experience the manifestation of more affluence, ease, and joy in their inner worlds and this manifests and shows in their outer, physical worlds.

CJ, like all those who have studied the law of attraction, knows that her clients are the creators of their own destiny.  She believes that in order to manifest, shift, transmute or create new patterns for more health and abundance that the client must be vibrating at a "love or above" frequency or "scale of consciousness".  The book Power vs. Force, David R Hawkins, describes this in detail.  Many of us are unable to do this on our own for long periods of time as it takes years of practice.  Essentially, when you enlist the help of a Healer such as CJ, she will hold that vibration, or state of consciousness for you, the client, while you are lying on the table or receiving energy healing from a distance

CJ shares affirmations, self healing techniques, and personalized approach to help her clients achieve their desires and to learn to hold higher and higher states of consciousness on their own.  Sometimes, when spiritual life lessons are involved in what the client is trying to "shift out of", CJ will help them to acknowledge the lessons and complete and release those contracts for learning.  These help reinforce what her clients are hoping to attract MORE of in their lives. What is learned in session can then be taken home to continue the good work.

Ways a Law of Attraction Manifesting with an Energy Healer Can Help

Using a healer can quicken our path to the goals and desires we seek. The healer can also identify any subconscious blocks we may be holding that sabotage our efforts. For instance, someone may desire a greater love connection in their life. They may have meditated on it, prayed about it, and made changes to their daily routines to make that happen... but deep-down they may actually feel un-loveable. Holding that root belief about themselves makes it impossible for them to accept even a perfectly matched partner. 

The Law of Attraction is about attracting more of what we want in our lives.  What we attract is a direct reflection of what we are "putting out there energetically, emotionally, mentally". If our body is holding negative thoughts and emotions, we'll attract more of what we don't want instead of more of what we do. If we re-align our chakras and energetic structures, and perspective to emanate positive beliefs, thoughts, and emotions, we'll attract more of that. We'll manifest more of what we want. One of the reasons to seek support or healing is it's hard to see those things in yourself. I seek healing for the same reason, because we all have subconscious beliefs. Another person can physically detect your energy blockages in your body and see what they might be about in a practical way. Then they can help you release them energetically and practically.”

 To that end, Healer CJ loves providing healing for other healers. She also holds a special place in her heart for those living life differently than the expected mainstream, who are on the cutting edge, creative, open, and/or who work for themselves. With a background from corporate America to entrepreneur, CJ knows a thing or two about the seemingly "different" worlds, realities, perspectives her clients may be living in.  And she offers her gifts to Law of Attraction manifesting fans looking for tools to help them manifest the life they dream of.

CJ also provides Long Distance or Remote Energy Healing Sessions for those wanting to experience law of attraction manifesting unable to visit the office or those wanting to experience this work from the comfort of their homes or current location.

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Law of Attraction Manifesting Resources and Influences

Here are some suggested reference tools and influencers in the world of manifesting that are suggested by therapist CJ:

  • Power Versus Force, David R Hawkins Levels of Consciousness
  • Bob Proctor, The 11 Forgotten Laws
  • Abraham Hicks
  • Christie Marie Sheldon, Love or Above
  • Carol Tuttle, SoulPrint Healing
  • Mary Morrissey


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