Fort Collins Massage Gift Certificates & Lymph Drainage, Bodywork, Natural Beauty and Skin Rejuvenation, or Energy Healing Gift Certificates

Need to purchase any Fort Collins Massage Gift Certificates, Lymph Drainage Therapy or Energy Healing Gift Card right away?

LymphWorks, is happy to provide instant massage gift certificates or other services online for your convenience. Your certificate (valid for one year from date of purchase) will be good for any of the services we offer, including:


  1. CHOOSE the gift certificate design
  2. CHOOSE the AMOUNT you wish the gift card to be for....not sure?  See our scheduling page for services and prices here:
  3. ADD a personal message if you wish
  4. PURCHASE your gift certificate
  5. Either PRINT AND SEND, or EMAIL the certificate
  6. There is an option for us to mail you a physical gift card for extra charge!

Click the Link Below for Massage Gift Certificates, Lymph Drainage, Natural Beauty and Skin Care, or Energy Healing Gift Certificates

Purchase Massage Gift Certificates from LymphWorks Fort Collins Massage

Last minute purchases made simple!

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