LymphWorks' Job Opening

We are currently looking for one highly qualified candidate for a Lymph Massage Therapist job opening in Fort Collins, Colorado. If you have the skills we are looking for, please email  a resume and cover letter for the listed opening to our email here

Lymph Massage Therapist Job 

Needed asap (May 2024):

Successful massage and lymph drainage therapy office seeking an experienced registered / licensed massage therapist (RMT / LMT). Candidates must have a minimum level I Lymph Drainage Therapy ( Chikly Method ) training or equivalent Manual Lymph Drainage ( Vodder Technique ). Office specialty is working with swelling, inflammation, chronic illness / breast cancer, detoxification, post-surgical recovery and rehabilitation, breast care, pain management, lymphedema (LyE) prevention, as well as traditional therapeutic massage applications.  

This job opening is currently for two to three full days a week (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday) and could increase as needed to 4 days a week. Hours will be added upon assessment and training. Functions of this job opening / role may include, scheduling clients (Schedulicity on-line system), taking payments, electronic patent intakes / SOAP / insurance SOAP, putting away laundry, giving clients recommended self care and treatment recommendations. 

Ideal candidates are confident, experienced, have strong communication skills, understand medical terminology, have strong therapeutic presence, are continuously working on their own personal and professional development, are passionate about Lymph Drainage and serious about guiding clients to highest levels of healing (clients will need you less and less) .Therapist must exhibit strong, healthy, ethical, and professional boundaries with LymphWorks' work, clients, as well as their personal life, and other jobs they may have. Therapists must be skilled at collaborating with other practitioners regarding common client care and therapeutic goals. Therapist must be adept at providing an entire massage session OR and entire lymph drainage therapy session but also be able to integrate these therapies together seamlessly. Candidates must be able to solve problem on their own, work autonomously, and be able to manage cell phone or tablet client credit card payment and online scheduling. Due to COVID, candidates for this position must wear and well fitted, multilayered, face mask and sometimes additionally a face shield throughout the entire work day. Must exhibit a strong understanding of pandemic safety practices and protocols for the benefit of client and office staff safety and comfort.

Training and experience as a therapist in a clinical setting is helpful. Therapists having certifications, understanding, and training in multiple modalities below please apply.  Some of the common techniques we will train you on are: 

  • Scar Release work 
  • Myofascial techniques
  • Lymph Drainage Therapy, Manual Lymph Drainage - ability to sense lymphatic movement
  • Oncology or other training in working with medically frail patents
  • Pre-operation / Post-operation care
  • Lymphedema prevention and management
  • Massage Cupping (optional)
  • Essential Oils (optional)
  • Post care detoxification and expectations

As with any professional massage therapy position or job opening it takes time to build a return clientele and to maintain a full schedule. Therapists considered for this position will understand that while the clinic will provide a busy and likely FULL client schedule, we have a strong Google presence and and impeccable reputation within the community over 18 years (current therapists are booked 5- 6 weeks in advance), it is the MT's responsibility to retain the existing client base via quality therapeutic presence, consistent results, and professional representation in all work-related interactions.  

Therapists must be able to complete multiple 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90 minute sessions, with 20 minutes in between, throughout the day. Busy days may yield up to 5-6 + hours of massage over a shift. Therapist is required to carry liability insurance through a reputable organization such as ABMP or AMTA.

This job opening is an independent contracting position. Professional dress required and aprons provided. Pay per client session will be based on training and experience and usually starts at 55% per session. For questions, please email CJ below with the RE: Job Opening Inquiry.

Interview requires applicant to give hiring manager a full lymph massage session to demonstrate skill level.  Please do not apply if you are not trained in LDT, MLD, or equivalent. Yes, we are open to hiring from out-of-state but you must visit for hands-on interview

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