Lifestyle Tips for Healthy Lymphatics

Having and maintaining Healthy Lymphatics one of the most critical pieces to a strong and healthy immune function, optimal digestion and, therefore, living a vibrant life.  As specialists in lymphatic health, the following are the most common recommendations our therapists share with our clients here at LymphWorks!

What Can You Do for Healthy Lymphatics?

We have identified 8 important steps for Healthy Lymphatics.

1)  Reduce your exposure to ALL toxins.  No matter how well your lymph system is functioning, how often your stimulate it, or how many times you "detoxify", if you keep bombarding yourself with toxins, you will never experience lasting health or results.  Common exposures are in our air, food, drink, personal care products, and so on The most critical recommendation is to identify and remove all food allergies and sensitivities from your daily intake and identify and remove (with the help of a professional) any pathogens and toxins you are storing in your body tissuesWe have the most common and offensive toxins listed in this link for you to review and our #2 on the list suggest practitioners that may help you with your unique toxin burden.

2)  Eat a clean and alkalizing diet with adequate nutritional support - preferably organic.  There is a tremendous amount of "food like materials" in our food system that carry more chemicals, additives, and herbicides/pesticides, and genetically altered material in them than is worth the risk.  All of these products tax the lymphatic system and often disrupt our endocrine (hormone) function.  We all have unique needs and physical constitutions so we suggest seeing a specialist for identifying the best diet for you.  Nutritionists, Naturopathic Doctors, Dieticians, Ayurvedic Practitioners, Oriental Medicine Specialists and others all carry knowledge which may be useful for you and most will help you with food allergies and sensitivities.  We have made suggestions for health resources / practitioners we trust here.

3)  Hydrate with clean filtered water.  Chances are you aren't getting enough water.  Drop the fizzy drinks, sodas, sports drinks and caffeine and drink more filtered water - period.  Your lymphatic system cannot circulate well without it and your cells can't do their jobs either.  Filtration systems can be simple but, if you are able, find one that eliminates fluoride.

4)  Avoid restrictive clothing and jewelry.  About 70% of your lymph vessels are located just underneath the skin.  When you wear tight clothing, under-wire bras, or anything that leaves an indention, you are likely inhibiting your lymphatic circulation. 

5)  Incorporate Natural Body Detoxification and cleansing into your daily life (links coming soon).  There are many ways to do this, so we have created an entire page devoted to the ways in which you can move "the junk" out and create a stronger healthier lymphatic system.

6)  Exercise regularly.  This means at least 30 minutes 5 days a week.  If you want healthy lymphatics, that exercise must include sweating and deep breathing!  Gentle uniform compression, such as medical grade compression garments, correctly applied kineseo-tape, or exercising in water can boost healthy lymphatic function along with your movement of choice.  Adding Vibration training can also change the fluid in the body from gel-like to more liquid and help it circulate more (such as mini trampoline, rebounding, vibration machines).

7)  Laugh Daily.  Not only is this mood enhancing, but the diaphragmatic movement actually acts like a vacuum effect for your lymph.  Laugh's good for your lymph and your health.

8)   Reduce and manage your stress levels.  When you are in a stress response, the lymphatics won't work well, period. In fact, when you are stressed, your body won't digest well or regenerate itself well.  Here are ways to reduce your stress levels:

  • Get adequate sleep
  • Play outside
  • Meditation, guided relaxation or biofeedback
  • Avoid Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF), especially before bed time (TV, Cell phones, microwave, computers, electronics)
  • Deep breathing / plenty of laughter
  • Balance your hormones naturally with trained professional (N.D., M.D., Nutritionist, etc)
  • Avoid negative people and situations
  • Get support!  Techniques like Advanced Energy Healing, The Emotion Code, Emotional Freedom Technique, and so on are powerful tools for reducing stress and anxiety.

Meditation and Stress Reduction Techniques will help your Lymph function more effectively

Alkalizing your body and eating a "clean" diet is another way stop overloading your lymphatics

These 8 key practices are our top recommendations for having and maintaining Healthy Lymphatics.  For more information on how to improve your lymph with Lymph Drainage Therapy, Therapeutic Massage, or Energy Healing, please visit some of our other webpages.

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