PEMF Therapy Sessions
(Pulse ElectroMagnetic Field PEMF)

At LymphWorks we have two types of PEMF therapy sessions available.  The first is on our infrared PEMF Healing Mat where the client will lay for 50 minutes peacefully receiving their custom frequency program. 

The other PEMF Therapy machine session is tailored to specifically aide and assist the body's functions in situations of compromise, rebuilding or optimizing.  PEMF sessions are available in 30, 60, or 90 minute increments and offer a whole body, non-invasive, holistic approach to health with the Resonant Light PERL PEMF machine.

The PEMF device sends low-frequency PEMFs throughout the whole body, penetrating every cell, tissue, and organ.  Pulsed Electromagnetic fields can stimulate the healthy mechanical, electrical, magnetic, and chemical processes in the cells of the body.  This technology can be used in two ways:

First, they can be used by pulsing specific frequencies to and into your body to help re-balance cell dysfunction (especially in cases of damage, injury, or compromise). 

Secondly, PEMF can be be used to devitalize unhealthy or unwanted pathogens or cells in the body such as viruses, fungus, candida, mold, bacteria, and parasites. 

Experts such as Dr. Anthony Holland's continues to break new ground for medical illness research and can be seen on his TEDTALK here called "shattering cancer with resonant frequencies".

What we have personally found at LymphWorks is that PEMF may be remarkable at breaking inflammatory cycles and stress response cycles in the body and nervous system.  

RIFE Machine and PEMF frequency healing concepts. Image compliments of Resonant Light Technologies. 

Fort Collins PEMF Therapy Sessions Benefits

Many benefits of PEMF technology have been documented in over 2000 university double-blind medical studies done in many countries on many different PEMF devices for treatment of a multitude of conditions and ailments using different frequencies.  For highlights and basics, please download your own Frequency 101 guide here.

Although we have listed only a few of PEMF benefits from those studies below, we encourage you do your own research and consult with your medical professional before receiving a PEMF session.  The PERL M PEMF device used here has supporting published research that is publicly available and shows efficacy.  One of our favorite resources is Dr. James Bare, an influential figure in modern frequency technology.

  • Pain relief – A study of PEMF therapy’s effects on pelvic pain demonstrated that 16 out of 17 participants experienced major pain relief in 90 percent of their pelvic pain episodes. PEMF therapy also appears to reduce the number of migraine attacks.
  • Improves sleep. PEMF devices can be used to support our bodies’ circadian rhythm. Lower frequencies can help calm the body and mind, and prepare us for sleep. It has been proven that using a PEMF device before sleep allows us to enter the REM phase much faster, and to stay in that phase longer.
  • Accelerated postsurgical recovery. PEMF treatment can greatly reduce the pain and swelling that occur after plastic surgery. This was proven in a study completed by the NIH in 2009 and published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. (1) 
  • Increased flexibility – PEMF therapy can increase the range of motion in patients with conditions such as osteoarthritis. A 1996 study found that patients with cervical arthritis enjoyed not only greater flexibility in the neck but also less pain and fewer muscle spasms.
  • Reduces stress. Stress is a condition from which a lot of people suffer today, and it can trigger some more serious health conditions like heart issues, diabetes, immune system crashes, and so on. Lower frequency PEMF treatment can reduce the secretion of the stress hormone (cortisol), and in that way greatly reduce the stress that we feel on an everyday basis.
  • Decreased back pain. In another study completed by the NIH, results show that patients who suffered from failed back surgery syndrome experienced relief after receiving PEMF treatment. The study was published in the International Medical Case Reports Journal. (2)
  • Enhanced circulation – Improvements in circulation can promote healing and improve physical function. PEMF therapy appears to have a dilating (expanding) effect on the blood vessels, enabling them to carry a greater volume of blood with less resistance.
  • Enhanced sports performance. PEMF devices are known to improve blood flow in targeted areas through the process of vasodilatation. The body can thus recover much faster from strenuous physical exercise by expelling lactic acid more efficiently, and recover from muscle fatigue much faster as well.
  • Improved range of motion. Patients suffering from cervical osteoarthritis can benefit greatly from PEMF treatment. PEMF reduces the pain that these patients feel and increases their range of motion, as a 1996 study shows. (3)
  • Arthritis symptom relief – According to a 1998 study, PEMF stimulation can have a beneficial effect on rheumatoid arthritis, helping patients experience less pain and stiffness.
  • Nerve tissue repair – Damaged nerve tissue is notoriously hard to heal, but PEMF therapy seems to make a significant difference. Research indicates that damaged sciatic nerve tissue, for instance, regenerates more quickly under PEMF therapy.
  • Bone healing – Bones heal better when subjected to one study, 11 out of 13 patients with a history of delayed bone healing saw healing within 14 weeks.
  • Decreased pelvic pain. Patients suffering from gynecological issues that are causing chronic and acute pelvic pain can find relief in PEMF treatment. As a 1993 study shows, PEMF therapy greatly reduces pelvic pain in these instances. (4)
  • Diabetic polyneuropathy – Diabetes often causes various kinds of nerve dysfunction. A study of patients suffering from diabetic polyneuropathy showed that PEMF therapy improved both spinal and peripheral nerve function.
  • Accelerated nerve repair. In 1993, a study was sponsored by the Bioelectromagnetics Society and reported by the NIH. The study found that PEMF treatment could promote healing of sciatic nerve damage by 22%. (5)
  • Mood disorder / Eases depression. In a study conducted on rats in 2000, the findings showed that PEMF treatment significantly decreased feelings of fear and anxiety in rats. The results of the study were reported by the NIH. (6)

Although the FDA has approved specific frequencies for specific conditions over the course of 25 years (bone healing, urinary incontinence, cervical fusion, depression & anxiety, and brain tumors), the specific device we use at LymphWorks (PERL-M PEMF device) is based upon more than 23 years of development in plasma technology.  It is FDA registered but considered experimental.  For more about PEMF and the FDA, click here.   

For more about all things frequency, visit this excellent website

Our LymphWorks PEMF Therapy Sessions with the PERL device can fill the room.  This means you may rest on the table or move around, journal and more and still receive the benefits. Image compliments of Resonant Light Technologies. 

Typical PEMF Therapy Sessions with PERL Device

Unlike PEMF contact devices such as BEMER mats, and tens-like units used in Chiropratic or Physical Therapy offices, which have narrow ranges of frequencies, our device here at Lymphworks is non-contact.  It also has over 2000 frequency sets and may also be manually programmed with your chosen frequencies for a session. 

  You can simply lay fully clothed on a massage table or sit comfortably in a chair and receive the resonated frequencies up to 30 feet around the machine.  Everyone within it's radius gets the benefits, making it ideal for group PEMF sessions or for those clients who wish to read, write, stretch or stay busy during your session.  

When scheduling your PEMF session, we ask that you communicate your symptoms, desires, and intentions.  You may even have your primary medical provider contact us with their intentions for you. The therapist will used applied kinesiology (muscle testing) to verify the most appropriate frequency sets and the durations for you.  We can operate up to three different programs for you at one time when your body allows it. You can be as specific as you want with symptoms you would like to improve/address OR come in for general health and maintenance.  

A sample PEMF Therapy session would look like this -30 minute session:

  • Sinus Infection / bacterial/microbial set
  • Lymph Drainage Therapy - circulate and move set
  • Localized inflammation / sinusitis  set

Another example of a PEMF Therapy session would be - 60 minute session:

  • Balancing endocrine (hormone) set 
  • Detox program (Colon/Liver/Lymph)
  • Inflammation / General body set

Contraindications for PEMF Sessions

The effects of plasma-emission PEMF devices are non-thermal. That is, they occur without creating heat. As such, the PERL M device is very gentle. If side effects occur, they would likely be temporary detox reactions typical of those after a Lymph Drainage Therapy session.  The most common could manifest as detoxification with general malaise, excess urination or bowl movements, and/or brain fog.

The cautions and contraindications for PEMF therapy sessions are as follows: 

  • Do not use the device within 36 hours of administration of chemotherapy medications. 
  • As a simple precaution, avoid using around anyone that is pregnant. 
  • If the tube is being pulsed, be careful around someone that is subject to seizures. The pulsed light might set off one. 
  • Refrain from touching the tube while it is lit. Do not be closer than 10 inches from the plasma tube. 
  • Individuals with organ transplants or stem cell transplants are advised to avoid frequency devices as its immune boosting effects may be contraindicated. 
  • Individuals using defibrillators are advised to avoid frequency devices. 
  • Individuals using pacemakers manufactured before 1992 are advised to avoid these devices due to the pacemaker’s inadequate frequency shielding. 
  • Using an oxygen tank within 20 feet of plasma-emission devices is to be avoided. Oxygen concentrators are OK. 

PEMF machine. Image compliments of Resonant Light Technologies. 

Preparing for your PEMF Session
& Self Care Afterwards

Self Care Tips Before your Pulse ElectroMagnetic Frequency Session are very

much like those you would have before a Lymph Drainage Therapy Session:

  • Please print and sign the informed consent and disclosure form here.
  • If you are working with another medical professional verify with them the ideal time to receive this work for optimum results (guided detox, surgery, illness). You may choose to increase certain nutrients (antioxidants such as Vitamin C to bind toxins) or temporarily add supportive herbs to support the liver and kidneys detoxification processes prior to and after your session. 
  • Please note that most PEMF frequencies will enhance bodily systems so that you may metabolize certain drugs out of your system more quickly along with most types of toxins..... thus, if you are on pain medication or fresh off a surgical procedure, you may need to adjust your medications.  Please discuss this with your Medical Professionals.
  • Arrive at your appointment well hydrated. Dehydration will severely impair your ability to receive the benefits of PEMF as well as impair your ability to detoxify and rebuild and may make you feel ill.  If you have difficulty hydrating with water, try an organic coconut water.  Your LymphWorks therapist will encourage you to drink while you are in the office.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.  You may wish to remove any metallic jewelry or belts prior to your session.
  • To many people, the PEMF session will feel relaxing, meditative, or even put them to sleep.  Some people may feel different sensations, such as tingling, or coolness in on injury areas or in the areas the frequencies are targeting.  If you have ever experienced an Energy Healing Session with therapist C.J., the sensations will likely be similar.
  • Arrive with an empty stomach or eat a light snack prior.
  • Plan and allow for a period of MOVEMENT immediately after your PEMF therapy session if you are focusing on detoxification pathways or toxin removal. 10 to 15 minutes of gentle movement and breathing is recommended such as a short walk before getting into your car after the session, walking your dog, or hitting the gym or a gentle yoga class is one of the easiest things you can do to feel great after a session.
  • Plan and allow for a period of REST after treatment and movement if needed. Your body's resources and nutrients will go toward "cleaning up shop" and this may include an immune response to cleanse any pathogens or foreign debris that don't belong. Rest will allow the body to regenerate and heal.
  • If you are already sick, fighting an illness, or recovering from illness, consider shortening your session to 30 minutes.  
  • Use the restroom prior to getting on the table. No one likes to "hold it in" or run to the restroom in the middle of a relaxing PEMF session!
  • If you don't need to urinate immediately after your session you are likely dehydrated.  Consider drinking more clear filtered water prior to your next visit!
  • You may use the PEMF therapy sessions as often as you choose. Most clients will find that a complaint or health issue can be addressed in 2 to 6 sessions.  Those with more chronic issues it may vary.  These sessions are intended to compliment traditional therapies, not replace them.
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