Fort Collins Lymph Drainage Therapy, Massage and Energy Healing

Fort Collins Lymph Therapists, Massage Therapists, and Energy Healers specially trained to facilitate your body's own healing processes for swelling, detoxification and chronic health issues.

Our unique blend of:

used by Fort Collins LymphWorks practitioners are intended to help you where other therapies may not have.

YOUR BODY'S NATURAL STATE IS HEALTH. Our stressful lifestyles can lead to an accumulation of lymph, toxins, restrictions, patterning and stagnation which impair cellular functioning.

Fort Collins Lymph Massage Neck Work

LymphWorks - Fort Collin's Body Working Experts

Have you experienced a surgery, trauma, illness, medication, infection, swelling, fatigue or stress from which you have never completely recovered? Or maybe you feel like you just don't have the energy throughout your day to do the things you love?  Maybe you haven't been able to heal or change an emotional or mental pattern that causes you distress or unhealthy choices?

You may have even experienced a great massage, but only felt relief from your complaints for just a day or two? Fort Collins Lymph Drainage Therapy is more than a massage. 

Through the application of Lymph Drainage Therapy (often misunderstood to be lymph massage or lymphatic massage) and other massage and energy work techniques, your body may be put back into a state where deep healing can occur. This type of work cleanses and detoxifies as well as stimulates your immune function, in addition to "balancing your autonomic nervous system." (1)  This work can also re-pattern long standing chronic physical, mental and emotional ways of being that no longer serve you or inhibit healing.

These lymph and massage techniques also induce deep states of relaxation resulting in tissue restoration, regeneration, and repair. Results may "prove beneficial in the correction of numerous conditions; as well as use in preventative health maintenance."

Our trained Fort Collins therapists will work directly with your chosen health professionals when needed, to get you back on track with your health or focus on prevention. Self care recommendations may also be shared to further empower you on your journey.

Some of the specialties we are passionate about helping you with are:

Fort Collins Lymph Therapists, Massage Therapists, and Energy Healers

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(1) Chikly, Bruno,, Chikly Health Institute, 2009.

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Fort Collins Massage Appointment (s) with LymphWorks
Scheduling a Fort Collins massage appointment with LymphWorks can be done online for 24/7 convenience for any Lymph Drainage Therapy, Massage, and Energy Healing sessions.
Fort Collins Massage Gift Certificates
LymphWorks Fort Collins Massage gift certificates and other services may be purchased and printed instantly on-line for any service...
Directions to Fort Collins LymphWorks office
Location Directions to LymphWorks - Fort Collins Lymph Drainage Therapy, Massage, and Energy Healing.
Massage Rates at LymphWorks Fort Collins Massage
LymphWorks, Massage Rates for Lymph Drainage, Massage, or Energy Healing at our Fort Collins, CO office....
Lymph Drainage Therapist
Fort Collins Lymph Drainage Therapist C.J. McDaniel utilizes the Chikly Method to address swelling, detoxification, cancer, injury and surgery recovery
LymphWorks Fort Collins Massage Therapist
Fort Collins massage therapists Carol J. McDaniel along with Gina Michelle of LymphWorks have unique skills to aid clients in achieving optimal health and wellness....
Energy Healer CJ
Fort Collins Energy Healer CJ (Carol J.) McDaniel is a medical intuitive and healer who's unique style gently uncovers the root causes of one's discomfort or ....
Energy Healer Anna
Fort Collins Energy Healer Anna Koclanes brings law of attraction and manifesting to life for her clients through the use of Healing Touch and....
Contact Us at LymphWorks in Fort Collins, CO
Please contact us with this form to ask about lymph, massage and/or energy healing services...
Fort Collins Swelling and Inflammation
No matter what the cause, Fort Collins swelling and inflammation may be significantly reduced with the application of Lymph Drainage Therapy...
Fort Collins Detox and Whole Body Cleanse
Fort Collins detox with Lymph Drainage Therapy, a powerful and enjoyable whole body cleanse which may also enhance your weight loss or cleansing program...
Fort Collins Surgery Massage
After surgery, Massage and Lymph Drainage reduces swelling, pain, detoxifies tissues from drugs, improves scars. Fort Collins surgery massage...
Scar Massage at LymphWorks Fort Collins Massage
Scar massage techniques may improve or lessen the appearance of your scar and may lessen the possibility of developing long-term problems your scar may cause......
Breast Massage at LymphWorks in Fort Collins, CO
Gentle therapeutic breast massage and lymphatic breast care are ideal for maintaining healthy breasts, reducing pain, swelling other breast problems as well as prevention...
Kinesio Tape for Swelling
Therapeutic taping can be used to reduce swelling, among other things, as an adjunct to your lymph drainage therapy session. Kinesio tape for swelling after surgery, injury...
Law of Attraction Manifesting
Using Healing Touch, Therapist Anna helps her clients with law of attraction manifesting for better careers, relationships, health, and more..
LymphWorks Fort Collins Lymph Drainage Therapy
Fort Collins Lymph Drainage results in detoxification of the whole body, reduction of swelling, immune system stimulation, deep relaxation, pain relief by facilitating your body's own healing process
Fort Collins Massage Techniques at LymphWorks
We have many effective Fort Collins massage techniques to best meet client needs at Lymphworks...
Fort Collins Energy Healing
A simple but powerful Fort Collins Energy Healing session may address physical, mental, emotional imbalances or complaints. It is gentle or no touch...
Remote Healing
Although your Energy Healer resides here in Fort Collins, CO, remote healing sessions can be conducted for clients located anywhere in the world...
Reiki Healing
Energy Healing Carol J. McDaniel uses Reiki healing and other gifts such as medical intuition to optimize client health and alignment...
Breast Health and Your Bra
Breast Health can be impeded by lymph congestion and connective tissue restrictions caused by ill-fitting bras ...
Swollen Lymph Nodes
The most common cause of enlarged or swollen lymph nodes is infection, toxins, or chronic illness but...
Massage Tips for getting the most from your Lymph Drainage Session
To get the most from your Lymph Drainage session, here are some massage tips and things you need to know for before, during, and after treatment...
Recommended Health Resources
Lymphworks extensive health resources list containing trusted and qualified practitioners to refer you to when needed...
LymphWorks, Fort Collins Massage Testimonials
Fort Collins massage testimonials and reviews therapist Carol. Book an appt today and find out first hand why clients praise...
Reducing Exposure to Toxins
Reducing exposure to toxins can improve overall health. Learn common toxic ingredients and products to avoid in your daily life...
Job Openings
Current job openings with LymphWorks The BodyWork Experts Team......
Fort Collins LymphWorks Ezine
Fort Collins LymphWorks ezine. Sharing information, tips and tricks on clean living, detoxification, health, and massage tips. Just flow with it...

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