Fort Collins Lymph Drainage Therapists

Lymphworks has three Lymph Drainage Therapists to serve your needs:  Carol J. McDaniel, Lindsey Longaker, and Gina Michelle.

A qualified Lymphatic Therapist may utilize healing tools such as Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT), Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), and Lymph Drainage Mapping for many conditions, but especially for edema (swelling), cancer care, detoxification of the whole body, immune system stimulation, pain relief, as well as deep relaxation.

Lymph Drainage Therapist Carol J. McDaniel

Carol J. (CJ) McDaniel is the most highly trained Lymph Drainage Therapist in Fort Collins, Colorado. Trained extensively in Lymph Drainage Therapy, Chikly Method, she can feel and sense the movement, health and quality of the lymphatics in the bodies of her clients. Her knowledge and unique experience with the human lymphatic system has been of benefit to hundreds of clients since starting her practice in 2003.  Whenever possible, she assists during the Chikly Institute's Lymph Drainage Therapy courses when they are held in Colorado.  She often sees the more complicated cases involving lymphedema prevention or management, lipedema, swelling of unknown orgins, post surgical recovery, and chronic inflammatory conditions.

Fort Collins Lymphatic Therapist Carol J. McDaniel, LMT HTCP CRMP

Lymph Drainage Therapy with Carol J. McDaniel, LMT HTCP CRMP

Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist Lindsey Longaker, LMT

Massage therapist Lindsey's passion for Manual Lymphatic Drainage is relatively new having become certified in the MLD Vodder Technique in 2017.  She is perfecting her ability to integrate lymphatic techniques into therapeutic massage and continues to be amazed at how this work enhances all other forms of bodywork.  She continues her training at LymphWorks with Lymph Drainage Therapy, The Chikly Method.  A seasoned therapist with skeletal alignment, pain management, and athletes.

Lymph Drainage Therapist Gina Michelle

Although therapist Gina has over 13 years experience as a massage therapist, her skills and interest with Lymphatic techniques are just beginning to flourish in 2014.  She can sense the movement, quality and direction of flow of the lymphatics in her clients.  Originally trained in basic Manual Lymph Drainage, Vodder Technique, she continues her training at LymphWorks with Lymph Drainage Therapy, The Chikly Method.  She loves to incorporate lymphatic techniques into her therapeutic massage sessions to enhance the benefits and deepen the level of relief clients may receive.  She is gifted at all therapeutic applications with this work including breast care.

Fort Collins Lymphatic

Therapist Lindsey Longaker, LMT

Fort Collins Lymphatic

Therapist Gina Michelle, LMT

Lymph Drainage Therapist Applications

All three LymphWorks therapists have a real passion for helping people with swelling (edema), detox, inflammation, injury, surgery, cancer, illness and rehab by using Lymph Drainage Therapy.  Cancer therapy is a particular gift therapist CJ loves sharing with others after having close personal experience with the loss of loved ones to the disease. 

During a lymphatic session, flat hands are employed to simulate wave-like movements while applying very gentle and subtle pressure. The technique is unique from other lymph techniques such as Manual Lymph Drainage or Lymph Massage in that the therapist feels the lymph moving and creates a lymph drainage map (manual lymph mapping). This approach supports existing healthy pathways and reroutes the sick ones in addition to eliminating any scar, fascial, or skeletal blocks of the lymphatic flow. Charmingly named a high-drool-inducing therapy, it is gentle but very thorough at clearing and purifying on many levels.

Each individual therapist may incorporate energy healing, fascial, essential oils, and scar techniques into lymph sessions. As a part of after care for some clients, therapist CJ may also use kineseotaping. Interested clients can learn to tape themselves to continue the therapy in between sessions.  It is best to discuss your desires for integrated therapy prior to your lymph session.

Lymph Drainage really helps people clean out their filters, which improves function on surprising levels. Our clients have experienced many completely unanticipated improvements after a series or session. For example, a client might come in complaining of bloating but is ultimately able to go off their sleep aids. Or they come in for allergies, but end up having improved digestion and bowel movements. Sometimes clients come in for post-surgical swelling and end up looking younger or having better skin then they ever had before. The myriad of possibilities never fails to amaze.

To learn more about CJ's practice as an Energy Healer or to schedule your lymph drainage session with any of our three thearpist, click here.

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