Body Detoxification Practices

We strongly suggest you incorporate some of these daily body detoxifciation practices for improved circulation, improved lymphatic function, great hygiene and self care.  Our current industrialized lifestyles tend to bombard our body systems with toxins, chemicals, stress, and hormone disruptions.  Most of us find we don't get enough sleep, have a lack of movement, hold poor posture, allow ourselves to be dehydrated most of the time, and don't eat well rounded highly nutritional diet.  All of these things can contribute to lowering our bodies ability to purge and cleanse itself.

Daily Natural Body Detox Practices

Most of these suggestions are natural ways to stimulate your own internal processes and support your overall health and well-being.

o   Guided detoxification with a trained professional (N.D., R.D., Nutritionist etc)

o   Lymph Drainage Therapy* is a very specific hands on method of moving lymph.  Receiving this regularly from a trained professional is very cleansing and boosts the immune function.

o   Regularly incorporate intermittent fasting (particularly the first 24 hours of feeling ill).  Many cultures do this after a large holiday where only fluids are consumed the day after large meals and celebrations.

o   Epsom salt foot or full body bath or Bentonite clay bath (1.5-2cups) can naturally pull out toxins from your skin and tissues.

o   Castor oil packs are a more localized treatment that also pull out toxins from your skin, tissues, and organs. 

o   Dry Body Brushing or Skin Brushing is one of our most recommended daily self care tools.  It stimulates the superficial layers of the lymphatic system to pump!

o   Emotional detoxification through energy healing is a great way to identify and clear any past mental or emotional energies you have been carrying around (examples are Energy Healing, Healing Touch, The Emotion Code*, EFT, EMDR, Reiki and so on...)

o   Essential Oil Protocols and external application or diffusing is a great way to balance body systems and support circulation.  Many of the oils will also impact and support emotional health and balance.  Diffusing will help keep the air cleaned and neutralized of any pathogens, dust, or other particles as well as humidify the air. 

o   Colonics / Colon hydrotherapy isn't for everyone but with the help of professionals may aid in the body detox, cleansing and resetting of the function of your bowels. 

o   Ionic foot baths have been known to pull debris out of the bottoms of the feet.  The science is controversial but we have tried them and we know they work!  These are particularly useful during guided detoxification.

o   Massage Cupping is great for stagnant superficial lymph (just under the skin).  Contact us for a referral to a qualified professional for body detox through cupping massage.

o   Car Buffer or Vibrational machines, or rythmic massage tools are supportive of fluid movement in the body- particularly the deep lymphatics.  We recommend using them before exercise or bodywork to help get the blood and lymph mobilized!

o   Massage*, acupuncture, Energy Healing*, Massage Cupping are all forms of generalized bodywork that moves blood, tissue, energy, and can also gently stimulate lymph movement.  Choose what works for you. If you have specific swelling, edema or lymphatic issues, we suggest lymph drainage Therapy.

o   Infrared Sauna and infrared heating pads (such as the Therasage or BioMat) can also generate cleansing from deep layers of the body.  Use these in short sessions for body detox purposes. 

o   Sweat daily.  Heating the body up internally through movement gets all detoxification pathways moving! 

o   Tongue brushing every morning is a natural way to cleanse the mouth of toxins built up overnight while you sleep. 

o  Use a Mouth Wash such as BR Rinse which contains food grade hydrogen peroxide and essential oils to cleanse the mouth and gums of pathogenic build up.

o Rinse mouth with hot salt water after brushing teeth, or you can also do coconut oil pulling before brushing.

o   Rinse sinuses daily (nedi pot or Xlear Nasal Spray) to prevent build up of debri and pathogens in the head and throat.

o   Kineseotaping* for lymphatic flow or medical grade compression garments / socks as needed can stimulate blood and lymph circulation.

o   Wash your hands often, clean doorknobs and light switches weekly.  This one goes without saying!

Guided Detoxification is recommended regularly to improve lymphatic and immune health.

Regular Lymph Drainage Therapy and other bodywork can be used as your regular detoxification practice!

Professional help to detoxify is always available.  However, we suggest you empower yourself with daily natural body detox practices like those mentioned above.  Your body and your health will thank you for it!

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Lymphatic System. Graphic by The Chikly Health Institute

Lymphatic System. Graphic by The Chikly Health Institute